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Kirby & Melinda

Kirby and Melinda Wright - Florissant, CO  80816

N 38° 57.922' W 105° 17.491' - Elev. 8642 ft

KCØQPS - Kirby's Amateur Radio Call Sign.
KCØQQO - Melinda's Amateur Radio Call Sign.


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Bill of Rights
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Molon Labe
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Thistle Dew weather.

Precipitation results from the latest storm, 07 March - 08 March 2011 was 0.5 "
of new snow. Giving 0.02" of meltdown. Snow On The Ground = 1.0".
Snowfall YTD 21.2". Moisture YTD 1.73".
Snow for Season is Unknown".
First Snowfall of the Season was 12 October 2010
Snow season is from September thru May

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the View from our Deck

the View from our Deck.

Second Amendment


Family Pages!

The Nebeker Family Home Page - Brian, Karla & Kids
Ross Wright's Internet Marketing Page

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National Rifle Association
Our President - The Cowboy
ARRL - American Radio Relay League
MARC - Mountain Amateur Radio Club
ixWeb Hosting - A great hosting company.
National Weather Service Forecast Office Pueblo
National Weather Service Forecast Office Boulder
Geocaching- An Interesting Hobby
Google - My Favorite Search Engine
SASS - Cowboy Action Shooting
Keep and Bear Arms
Gun Owners of America
Craigs List - Sell your Stuff & Buy Stuff

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